How To Check Printer Ink Levels (The Right Way!)

When it comes to understanding how to check printer ink levels properly, there is actually more than what meets the eye. Keeping on top of your printer ink supply can feel similar to knowing just how far your car can travel on a full tank of gas. The problem is that we may not use our printers as often as we use our cars, and pieces of printer paper don’t exactly equate to kilometres either.

Even page yields as displayed on ink cartridges are not a precise measurement themselves, as the number of print jobs you can get out of a full set of printer cartridges can also depend on your personal printing habits as well. Are your print jobs generally colour or monochrome? Are you likely to print a fair amount of graphs and other imagery on a consistent basis?

1. How to check printer ink levels manually.

For those of you who have a modern wireless printer with a sophisticated colour LCD or touch display, chances are you’ll be able to check your printer ink levels right on the printer itself with just simple navigation. All you need to do is find the Printer ink levels as displayed in the printer’s onboard control panel menu.

If for some reason, you believe that the ink levels being displayed in the device’s control panel are not accurate as you’re getting low ink alerts, it may be a good idea to run a printer diagnostics test or conduct a printer cleaning. When this occurs, it’s likely your printer may be experiencing some clogging. Or, if you’re using traditional ink cartridges, that the ink itself has dried up.

2. How to check printer ink levels via your computer.

It’s important to note here that not all printer models have LCD displays, and so the majority of diagnostics functions have to be conducted through the use of a connected device.

With the introduction of Printer Status Monitor software, however, it’s now easier than ever to check a printer’s ink levels right on your Mac or PC. Both Brother and Epson have developed their own printer Status Monitor software which can be enabled upon your printer’s start-up process.

If you didn’t enable the Status Monitor upon your printer’s preliminary start-up, you can still find the Status Monitor functionality by looking your printer manufacturer up in the Start Menu on PCs, or under ‘System Preferences > Printers & Scanners’ on your Mac.

3. How to check printer ink levels via an app!

Both HP and Canon have introduced printer companion apps to streamline the process of wireless printing and scanning across selected HP and Canon wireless printers. If you have any of the HP and Canon printer models that are compatible with these companion apps, you’ll be able to check your ink levels with minimal fuss.

Checking your printer ink levels leads to smarter printer use

When you develop a clear understanding of what printing activity holds the greatest impact on your printer ink levels, you can effectively assess whether the resources consumed by that printing activity warrants the activity itself. In this way, reflecting on your workplace’s printer use can ultimately ensure that your printer inks are consumed conscientiously and are thus likely to last a touch longer with every fresh cartridge.

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