Which Devices Can Connect to a Bluetooth Printer?

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not to invest in a Bluetooth printer?

Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is often the primary printing device – so many users are content to connect via USB. Despite this, Bluetooth and wireless printers can remove the need for wires when printing from a desktop computer. Even if the desktop computer is the main printing device – a Bluetooth printer can simplify the process of adding additional devices.

Laptop Computer

Having to keep a laptop computer plugged into a printer removes one of its key features and benefits – mobility. A Bluetooth printer could allow you to print from anywhere in the home of office – allowing you to sit and work at your leisure.


Removing the need to painstakingly email yourself files from your phone to a dedicated printing device, Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to print direct from the phone. With the trend continuing towards larger smartphones with higher resolution screens it has never been easier to complete work tasks on a phone.

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