When Should You Replace Your Copier Equipment

When Should You Replace Your Copier Equipment

How many times a day do you and your employees use the copiers at your office?

If your copier isn’t working as it should, it could ruin a previously efficient workflow, causing unnecessary stress for your employees. The endless repairs and improper functioning can also lead to endless costs for your company.

Here is the reason you should change your copier equipment:

1) Your copier equipment is old
When was the last time that you replaced the office copier? If you simply cannot remember, then it may have been too long ago. Quality copier equipment has a lifespan of about five years depending on use. Some models can last up to 10 years, but this also depends on maintenance and use. Staying on top of new technology is essential to your business, so make sure to put your copier up for review every five years.

2) Employees are complaining
If your employees have made complaints about copier equipment, it’s time to take a look at your copier and consider your options. As a manager or business owner, it’s your job to make sure that your employees can do their job. If copying is a vital part of your business, then it’s best to consider a managed printing service to handle all of your copier equipment and maintenance needs so that your employees can always work efficiently.

3) Your printing needs have changed
Have you taken stock of how much the office copier is being used these days? In the past you may have printed a large amount of content in black and white, but now you have started printing color flyers or catalogs for your business. If your copying needs have changed, you may need to upgrade your copier equipment so that you can put your best foot forward with your clients.

4) You can’t find toner anymore
If your toner is discontinued, then your copier is obsolete. Rather than a signal that you need to rush and stock up on toner, this is a sign that your copier’s best days are behind it. Copier equipment has evolved over these past few years, and now is the time to invest in your future copying needs.

5) Your business has grown
If your business has been expanding over the last few years, you need to consider if your current copier equipment can handle the increased volume of work. Every printer has a monthly duty cycle, which is the average number of copies/print jobs your machine can do during those 30 days without any problems. A managed copier service can help you find out what your monthly duty cycle looks like and which copier equipment can help you meet your needs.

6) It uses a lot of energy
From Monday morning until Friday evening, your copier will be running in your office non-stop. If you have a suspicion that your copier is causing an increase in your energy bill, you might be correct if your model is outdated. Older copier equipment needs more energy to perform its essential functions. A new copier may even pay for itself with the money that it can save you on your electricity bill each month.

If your copier is suffering any of these signs, it’s time to consider new copier equipment. Replacing outdated copier equipment will ensure that your customers receive the best service possible, allowing both your employees and your company to thrive.

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