What Not to Do When Fixing a Printer Paper Jam

What Not to Do When Fixing a Printer Paper Jam

If your printer gets a paper jam, it may be a very stressful situation, especially if your office is a fast-paced, busy atmosphere, as this will almost surely cause productivity delays.

Fortunately, a Lexmark paper jam, or one involving a printer from another respectable manufacturer, is usually not a long-term issue and can be swiftly resolved, meaning you may be back up and running in no time.

However, if the problem is treated poorly, or if you hurry and rush the task, this can have long-term implications on the health of your printer or even cause permanent damage to your machine, causing bigger difficulties in your company.

Make sure you have the right diagnosis

The first thing you should do if your machine starts acting up is to diagnose the problem.

Do not assume that the problem is that the paper is stuck, as disassembling and tampering inside the printer unnecessarily may cause further damage that will take a long time and money to repair. In addition, all technical repairs should be performed by a trained engineer to ensure that your printer’s warranty remains valid.

Before attempting to resolve the problem, you should first ensure that there is indeed a paper jam. Genuine printers, including those made, will alert your computer if a jam is detected.

Don’t attempt repairs while the device is on

In addition, allow the device to cool completely. If you contact the apparatus while it is hot, you could damage it or injure yourself.

Don’t pull paper the wrong way

It may appear to be a quick and easy solution to pull the paper through the opposite direction of the printing direction, but this should never be done.

Because printers are only meant to produce paper in one direction, pulling your printer paper the opposite way might severely harm your equipment. As a result, even if it appears that feeding the paper by its natural route may take longer, it is the safer option.

Do not panic and rush the job

When you find the jam in your device, your first inclination may be to remove all of the stuck paper sheets out as quickly as possible. However, a Samsung laser printer or similar gadget contains intricate gear that will necessitate greater attention.

As a result, it is recommended that you pull out the trapped sheets one at a time, extremely slowly and delicately, to avoid tearing the paper or breaking any pieces, which will prevent any more problems.

Avoid future jams

Paper jams are frequently caused by using the incorrect amount or type of paper.

To avoid a future jam, consult your printer manual or conduct some research to learn about the recommended paper kinds and the capacity of your machine. This will save you time and energy in the long run.

As you can see, there are a few frequent mistakes you may make when dealing with a printer jam, but following these instructions should help you keep your printer in good working order.

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