Tips and Tricks to Help You Get More From Your Printer

Even if you are completely satisfied with your printer’s performance, rumbling along completing all the tasks asked of it, there may be room for the machine to increase its output and exceed expectations.

Find the Printer’s IP Address

Having the printer’s IP address to hand is incredibly useful, helping you connect with various devices. 

Use Economy Mode

If your printer offers an economy mode and your print jobs don’t need to be photorealistic, this could be a great option to save ink or toner, and ensure those cartridges last a little bit longer.

And Any Energy Saving Features

Not only do these help protect the environment, they can also contribute to a lower consumption of energy.

Use Branded Consumables

It may be tempting to replace depleted cartridges with cheaper, non-branded consumables, but this may represent false economy. These replacements may not offer the same page yield as their branded brethren, so additional replacements may be necessitated immediately.

Squeeze the Cartridge Dry

The low ink warning light is essentially just a warning, so don’t bust out the replacement cartridges as soon as the light starts to flash. Wait until the print quality starts to diminish, then it’s time to consider the fresh ink or toner.

And Blast it with a Hairdryer

If you’re down to your last cartridge and it runs out just before the end of a job, you may be able to squeeze a little extra goodness out of it by removing it from the printer and giving it a quick blast with a hairdryer.

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