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Quick Fix for Paper Feed Problems

A part that draws the paper from the tray and into the machine is inside every piece of office equipment that feeds paper. The majority are constructed of rubber and are susceptible to wear. Paper jams are brought on by filthy and worn rollers.

Find the paper’s source of jamming when your machine starts to malfunction. Which tray of papers? Which tray do you mean? What size is also jamming? If a machine has many paper trays, you can switch between them without having to clean the rollers. Make certain that when you switch cassettes, the copier detects the appropriate size. It will jam up since the machine will believe it is a different size. The sensors are timed for a specified duration, and they can distinguish between documents that are letter size and legal size. If available, I would also try utilizing the bypass tray or manual feed tray. If you do this instead of cleaning the rollers, you may start going more quickly.

Determining If the Rollers Are the Problem

If you require the particular tray to be operational, we will begin to work on the repair. Make a single copy in the jammed tray first. By doing this, you may identify the location of the paper jam. You have another issue if, for example, the exit is clogging. Again, it is a separate issue if the machine is jamming in the middle. The next step, however, is to remove the paper tray if it jams in the cassette or paper tray region. Check the paper feed area with your flashlight to determine if there are any pieces of paper within that have been broken off or anything blocking the paper flow. You may clean the feed rollers now that the paper path has been ruled out.

Cleaning the Rollers

Find the rubber rollers that feed the paper in by shining your flashlight into the paper feed area. Take a towel and soak it in cleaning solution. This might be WD-40 or your preferred rejuvenator for cleaning. Cleaning the roller first involves rotating it completely without losing any of its surfaces. Then go over it once more with the towel’s dry side. Rollers come in a wide variety of types. Some people have a trio of rollers. The paper is pushed into other rollers by one pre-feed roller. a separating roller and a feed roller. Some people have a half-moon look. Because they feature a clutch system that maintains it in the home position when not feeding, these are more difficult to clean.

Alternatives to Replacing Feed Rollers

Feed roller tape is a kind of material. It is utilized when the proper roller is not on hand. Some styles, primarily half-moon styles, are compatible. Simply remove the glue and cover the worn roller surface with it. Additionally, some of them stretch over the previous rollers. Apply clear silicon to the feed surface of ancient copiers or printers that can no longer acquire components and allow it to dry for 24 hours. For practically all equipment, you may also utilize generic roller manufacturers. You may utilize original OEM feed rollers for the finest repair. They will last you longer and provide you less headaches while remaining affordable.

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