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Pros & Cons Of Refilling Cartridges

Are you wondering if refilling cartridges is right for you? The first thing that probably comes to your mind is the lower cost of refilling as compared to buying new cartridges! This article will reveal many possible reasons why refilling cartridges can be the best option for you, as well as highlighting the adverse consequences of getting your inks refilled. Let’s have a look.



  1. Better for the environment – Since cartridges are made of plastic, every time you decide to get a new cartridge, you need to throw away the old one. This adds up to the landfill waste. Therefore, if you decide to refill your cartridges at least 3 to 4 times before purchasing a new one, you are keeping it out of the landfill for a longer duration.


  1. Lower cost – This is the most widespread reason for refilling cartridges. Savings are massive. You will find that refilling cartridges can save you almost 50% as opposed to buying a brand new cartridge.


  1. A great option for inkjet printers – If you own an inkjet printer, refilling cartridges will prove to be a great option. Since these printers function with liquid ink, a reliable cartridge refill company would make sure they use premium & approved inks to provide the best print quality. Not to mention, most laser printers also work well with refilled cartridges.



  1. Printer damage – Refilling cartridges without taking professional help can increase the risk of causing permanent damage to your printer. It could either leak or clog your print head. And while refilling cartridges, if you break your printer by any chance, it could also void your printer warranty.


  1. Quality of ink – If you intend to use it for a quick read or any other personal purpose, it is still an accepted solution. But if you would like to use the ink for printing high-quality pictures that you would put on display, the end results may not delight you too much. Although, if performed by a professional and with the right equipment, you can expect high-quality printing.


  1. Cartridge breakdown – You can only refill your cartridge up to five times. There could be different types of refilled cartridges available in the market, ranging from the ones suitably designed for your printer model to those that claim to be “compatible” with any printer. However, that doesn’t guarantee you the durability of these cartridges and they can stop working anytime.


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