Photocopier or Printer - What’s the Difference

Photocopier or Printer – What’s the Difference

A photocopier copies a physical document without using a computer network. In contrast, a printer allows a user to send documents from a computer network to be printed on the device.

Most printers also have a physical copier function, and multifunction printers have a slew of extra features that we’ll go over later. Examine each of the following factors to see if a photocopier or printer is right for your business.

1) Each Serves Different Functions

A standard photocopier can only do one thing (make copies), whereas a multifunction printer, also known as an MFP, can do multiple things. Documents can be securely copied, printed, scanned, and faxed using an MFP. Some devices can even punch holes and staple papers.

Older copiers may only print in black and white or in colour. An MFP typically has a single machine that handles both modes. When necessary, both units can produce high-quality printed materials.

2) Copiers Are Slightly Faster Than Printers

On short runs, copiers can print faster than multifunction printers, but the difference is negligible. In terms of speed, the copier may outperform the multifunction device when making a thousand copies of a single document. The time difference is insignificant for most people who only need a few dozen copies or less.

3) Both Can Be User Friendly

When they first came out, some multifunction printers were cumbersome and difficult to use when switching between modes. Over time, MFPs have become much more user-friendly. Copiers have so many buttons and settings that even a simple copy can seem daunting. Modern multifunction printers are built with the user experience in mind, and they are designed to work with you rather than against you; a copy can be made with the press of a button.

4) Printers Are More Versatile

People are increasingly abandoning standard copiers in favour of multifunction printers, which can handle a wide range of tasks. Many office workers use multifunction printers (MFPs) to scan printed documents and email them directly to their inboxes, providing them with digital PDF versions to save. Copiers are better suited for long, heavy-duty print jobs that require multiple copies at once.

It is now difficult to find a machine that only makes copies and does not print, scan, or email. As the world moves toward digital documentation, green initiatives, and efforts to reduce paper use, multifunction printers are becoming the norm (and associated costs).

5) Multifunction Printers Cost More Than Copiers

The price difference between a black-and-white copier and a multifunction printer (also known as a printer copier) can easily be thousands of dollars. There are also price differences within each of these categories. The best office printers aren’t always the most expensive, and the total cost of ownership should be considered.

Whatever you decide, you should be able to buy it outright or lease it to spread out your payments over time. The most significant price difference between multifunction printers is whether they are colour inkjet or colour laser printers, with inkjet printers costing more per sheet to operate due to the high cost of inkjet printer cartridges.

6) Copiers Are Usually Larger

Like most popular technology, multifunction devices have shrunk in size as their popularity has grown. While the copier is commonly thought of as a large machine that requires its own room (hence the term “copy room”), multifunction laser printers can sometimes fit on desks and be moved by one person. The devices, however, grow in size depending on the amount of paper capacity desired.

Which is Best for My Business: Copier vs. Printer?

Once you understand the differences between multifunction printers and standard copiers, you will be able to better determine your needs.

A printer is frequently the best option in today’s market, where the ability to duplicate hard copies as well as print from a computer is common. If you need scanning, faxing, hole punching, or other features, a multifunction printer is ideal.

If you make thousands of duplicate copies per week, a standalone copier may be appropriate. If all of the items being printed require high DPI and colour depth with pinpoint precision and graphic quality, a more advanced production printer should be considered.

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2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
2023 Malaysia Day Ricoh Color Copier Promotion
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