New or Used Copiers – Which is Best to Buy?

A new office copier is not the cheapest item you will purchase for your business. Prices range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. For this reason, businesses often consider looking at used or reconditioned, also called refurbished copiers when looking to buy a copier.

This guide is aimed to help you decide whether buying a new or a used copier is the best choice for your business.

– What is a used or refurbished copier?
A refurbished photocopier is a used copier that has been completely serviced and revamped. All worn and damaged parts of the copier were inspected and then replaced.

A used copier is simply that; a copier that has been owned and used and is being re-sold.

If you are on a strict budget, buying a used or refurbished copier is a great alternative. Properly refurbished copiers can provide reliable service for many years, as long as it is properly maintained. Note the words “properly refurbished copiers”; if it was just cleaned and made sure it still works is not exactly a “refurbishment”. Before you make any decision, make sure to ask the dealer what exactly has been done in their refurbishing process.

– Used Copier Price
Don’t fall for extremely attractive deals that look too good to be true. In the copier industry, they always are. Dealers often like to sell used and refurbished copiers, as they provide almost 100% profit. The previous owner has already paid for it and it has simply come back as a trade-in or ex-lease machine. If you’re considering buying a used copier on an ‘as-is’ basis, most likely for a very attractive looking discount and little or no warranty, it’s a case of buyer beware. You may come to regret it later when costly repairs leave the machine inoperable for long times and your initial savings are eaten up by parts and service costs. But if you buy carefully with some due diligence, it is definitely possible to get a great deal for a machine that will last you for many more years.

– Condition of a Used Copier
Used copiers should, as a minimum, have been thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside and have all worn parts replaced. Ideally they should also have a low meter count.

– Summary
If all of the above conditions turns out positive, then a refurbished photocopier can be an excellent choice for your business. Otherwise, it might be best to invest in a new machine to save yourself from future worries.

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