Is it time for a new office printer?

The truth is most businesses don’t review their printers until it’s too late.
By then the printer is broken, stopped the business from working or has just cost the same to repair as a small car.

It’s time for a new printer when….

1. Cost

It’s simply costing too much to maintain.
The first step is when businesses stop using ‘Original Consumables’.

?“They Cost too much”

By using compatibles or remanufactured ink cartridges, the device has compromised its quality and reliability. Other common triggers are; ? “I’m changing the consumables all the time” ?

“I spend time shopping around looking for the cheapest deals for it”

2. Reliability

Let’s start with that weird whirling noise we’ve got used to. That’s a clear indicator that the device is struggling with a fault. If your car had a daily ritual of clicking and grinding – It would be in a garage ASAP. Not dealing with this only leads to excessive print faults and swearing. What about the marks and lines on the print jobs from using substandard consumables. You might have accepted it as the norm, but to send it to a customer or a new prospect who could see it as a reflection of your business.

3. Business Needs have Changed

A device which fit your requirement years ago might not suit your business now.

“We have more staff now”

“We have to constantly fill it with paper”

“It’s always broke when I come to use it”

And the classic all-time favourite…

“I can go and make a drink and come back and it’s still not printed it”.
Yes. Funny that you have updated your computers, cloud based services, tablets and smartphones to the quickest, latest version to keep up with technology but your aged printer is the same old same old and can’t catch its breath.

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