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Inkjet Printers That Do Not Require a Color Cartridge

The workplace desktop used to be dominated by monochrome printing equipment. Color was first introduced as cumbersome, pricey machinery that only print shops and large corporations could buy, before becoming more widely available to fit small-business budgets. That doesn’t mean the demand for or use of black-and-white technology disappeared. With inkjet printers that never require a color cartridge, monochrome gear continues to service niche markets.

Desktop Printer

Inkjet printers are excellent at producing pictures, business charts, and graphics in beautifully saturated color. However, inkjet manufacturers also create monochrome machines for use in offices where printed output primarily consists of forms and other non-color documents. These devices, which are only intended for emerging markets and limited sales regions, offer affordable operation in a small package. Manufacturers also provide high-speed monochrome inkjets that can compete with the output capabilities of monochrome laser printers at the same time. Numerous paper trays, PostScript emulation, cutting-edge networking skills, and other characteristics that rule the laser printing market are available on several of these systems.

Label Printer

Applications for monochrome inkjet hardware include addressing for direct mail campaigns, shipping labels, short-use ID badges, and barcodes. These machines, which range in size from desktop label printers to industrial gear, provide output at resolutions equal to 600 dots per inch and cater to specific needs in business and manufacturing. Integrating inkjet gear onto printing presses allows for the production of materials for postal distribution to be completed in one step rather than two (printing and addressing mailpieces). For installations where secrecy and security require that the readable images left behind on ribbon-based thermal units constitute a liability concern, several of these inkjet devices can replace thermal printers.

Short-Run Publishing

Short runs call for innovative and more cost-effective output techniques as a result of modifications to the book production process, such as print on demand and self-publishing. Large-footprint monochrome inkjet printers can take the position of traditional printing presses in the production of non-color manuals, user guides, sheet music, and novels. These machines print entire books in one pass through a single machine by combining high-speed output, high resolution, and built-in finishing equipment.


Plotter technology is still used by architectural and industrial designers to create computer-aided design papers that illustrate building floor plans, device designs, and construction paperwork. Today’s plotters use inkjet mechanisms, including monochrome versions, to generate the same results at quicker rates, even though the term “plotter” initially referred to hardware that used actual ink pens mounted on computer-guided printing arms. These machines can print on a range of materials, including translucent plastic, sheet- and roll-fed paper, and ink.

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