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Choose Your Canvas

Understanding how different canvas type’s work is crucial since it will affect the quality of your printing. There are many various textures and characteristics of canvas. For instance, gloss canvas is excellent for producing high-quality results that are comparable to artwork purchased professionally, while UV resistant canvas is a better option for significant works of art or mementos that you want to last the test of time.

After deciding on the best sort of canvas for your artwork, you can begin preparing the art file you wish to print on canvas paper. Make sure the file is saved in the right size and format before printing whether the artwork is a digital print or one that you created yourself.

Preparing to Print

The rear manual feed slot on your printer is the greatest choice for printing canvas since it produces high-quality, borderless prints. This feed is also capable of handling canvas sheets that are thicker without sacrificing quality. You’ll need to add leader strips to your canvas in order to feed it into the printer fast and efficiently after determining the proper feed on your printer. With scissors, it is simple to trim this to size so that it spans the whole width of the page. Each strip must be taped to the canvases back so that it may feed into your paper.

Ready to Print

Now insert the canvas with the paper facing up, leader side first. To ensure that it feeds properly, make sure your feed is set to “rear manual.” While reviewing your anchors and borders, you should also be tweaking the color and gradient at this point. All of this is possible in “User Details.”


The only thing left to do is publish now. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to give your canvas plenty of time to dry in order to avoid any smearing.

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