How to Prevent Paper Jamming in Your Machine

How to Prevent Paper Jamming in Your Machine

Printing machines are not as durable as you may believe. It may become the most hardworking machine you have, but when a problem arises, it may disrupt your business and consume your valuable time. There is a solution to unclog a paper jam.

1) Check the basics

Check to see if the printer’s part is in good shape. If the part is broken, replace it with a better-quality part. If the machine is in good working order but the paper still jams, investigate the type of paper used in the printing. The quality of the paper will influence the possibility of jams occurring in the current situation.

2) Look at the tray

If step 1 fails, do not become alarmed. Check the tray; sometimes the event is caused by a loose paper tray or a defective fence.

3) Check your settings

Incorrect settings could be the issue here. When the setting does not act normally, the paper cannot pass through the machine. If you believe that changing the settings makes no impact, double-check to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

4) Reflect your habit

If none of the steps work, take a look at yourself. You may unintentionally load wrinkled or low-quality paper into the tray. This action also causes machine jams.

5) You know what to do

If you believe you have completed all of the steps outlined above and the machine is still in poor condition, it is time to contact a technician. Because the machine is made up of small parts, it is possible that it will break.

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