How to Fix Issues with Printing PDFs

PDF documents are an incredibly useful asset to everyday office life and can usually be printed off for easy offline access.

Plus, they have a whole host of benefits for businesses, as they come with security measures in place and have a format that makes them easy for almost any worker to use.

However, when it comes to printing, many issues can arise and there are sometimes reasons why you can’t print a PDF

PDF won’t print at all

If you’ve hit the ‘print’ button but your PDF document isn’t printing then the issue may lie with a compatibility fault.

If the first attempt is unsuccessful, try to print a non-PDF document to ensure that it’s a fault with the device. Also check first that the printer is turned on and properly plugged in at the mains.

If the non-PDF document comes out OK, you should update your printer driver to see whether any potential bugs can be fixed.
Updated software could also benefit PDF printing as it can enhance compatibility settings, meaning you can print more documents of different kinds.

File too large for the printer

PDFs are very adaptable and extensive, as they are able to contain a remarkable amount of data but sometimes this can be an issue when it comes to printing.

Older devices can struggle to print such a vast number of documents in one go, so it will be in your best interests to reduce the size of the document to make it easier to print.

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