How a Printer Can Help You Set Up A New Business

Setting up a new business is a huge step forward in your career, and one which will bring with it many nerves and a lot of excitement.

During this set-up period it is essential that you have all the devices you need to help you establish and promote your business. These devices also need to be able to keep up with the productivity levels and high demand that can take you by surprise in the early stages of a business while being scalable to business growth.

Read on to find out how the right office printer can tick all of these boxes and kick your business off on the right foot.

Print marketing

When you’re opening a new business, getting your name out there is important. A printer can help by giving you the means to produce flyers, postcards and brochures that can be distributed through your key business areas. These can also be left on a counter or in the reception area if you’re planning to invite clients and customers inside.
A high-quality A3 colour laser printer will also be able to help with producing banners and posters which can again help to bring attention to your up-and-coming business. Another great use for small business printers, are that they allow you to print letters to post to local residents who will be your number one potential customers. These letters could help you to generate leads or advertise offers.

Easy access

Keeping all printing in-house, whether for marketing or office use, will not only help to reduce costs and improve productivity in the workplace, it will also mean that documents can be printed and picked up as and when they are needed.

Not having to wait around for print orders to come in mean that you will be able to keep up with the growing demands of your business.

Having a WiFi laser printer on-site will also mean that employees are free to print from any WiFi enabled device, rather than being limited to their desktop computer. This gives them the freedom to move around and utilise mobile devices, which can be a big help when you’re starting a new business and don’t have the full resources of an established office yet.

Consider financial support

Even though a printer can seem like a large up-front cost, depending on your circumstances there may be funding available for your small business.

Some small businesses are eligible for a start-up loan which can help to cover the cost of new office equipment such as printers or desks. There are also grants available such as the New Enterprise Allowance to help those currently receiving benefits.

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