“Going Green” is Not just a Marketing Tactic

“Going Green” is Not just a Marketing Tactic

1) Search for the FSC logo. The Forest Stewardship Council guarantees that products displaying the emblem are sourced responsibly.

2) Examine the supply chain to ensure that your suppliers are long-term.

3) Verify that the organisations you are working with are ISO 14001 compliant. ISO14001 specifies the requirements for an Environmental Management System, referring to the items for which a firm is accountable and their influence on the environment. Certification is becoming increasingly crucial, and accredited firms are outbidding non-accredited firms in tenders.

4) Reuse and recycle shrink wrap. Only 5.4% of this completely recyclable commodity is recycled.

5) Reduce traffic congestion by allowing your staff to work from home. Even once a week will have a 20% improvement in air quality and traffic congestion.

6) Consider your box and packaging materials. Choose environmentally friendly vendors and recycle whenever possible.

7) Do plastic bags really need to be used? Since the UK imposed a 5p levy on plastic bags in supermarkets, there has been a noticeable 30% fall in the number of plastic bags entering our rivers. Provide customers with a reusable, cloth alternative, which accidentally provides a terrific opportunity for branding.

8) Provide recycling for batteries and pens.

9) Provide bike racks for employees and promote carpooling. What about awarding a trophy to the team member who is the most ecologically conscious?

10) Form an internal team of employees entrusted with identifying waste-reduction initiatives while keeping the bottom line in mind. Instead of the typical go-karting race, organise away day activities such as beach clean-ups as part of your internal communications!

11) We all require cleaning goods and office supplies, however these consumables have a negative impact on the environment and are frequently discarded rather than recycled. Most vendors will provide an environmentally friendly alternative. All you have to do is ask your friendly local provider and make a few alterations to your typical options.


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