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When Did It All Begin?

In 1936, Kiyoshi Ichimura, a resident of Tokyo, Japan, created Ricoh. What started as a one-man band and a modest, homegrown company persevered to later achieve international success. Ricoh continues to provide document software, hardware, and consultancy to organisations throughout the world despite having nearly 80 productive years in the printer manufacturing sector under its belt.

The Brand

The printer specialists at Ricoh firmly think that every organisation, location, or even the entire planet’s greatest value is its people’s creativity. Since the company’s inception, Ricoh has benefited greatly from the creative ideas and thoughts of its employees. Ricoh views creative thinking as being of the utmost value.

These persistent and devoted workers dreamed of a time when knowledge might be precisely reproduced and delivered at the push of a button. Their selection of printers reflects this idealised universe in which essential business knowledge will always be available wherever and whenever needed.

Customer Relations

Ricoh is now a truly global business with a customer and partner database that spans the globe. Ricoh takes great pride in its top-notch customer service and the sincere connections it keeps with its business partners.

The Ricoh Philosophy

The three guiding principles—love for your neighbour, love for your nation, and love for your job—were established in 1946 by the founder Kiyoshi Ichimura. These guiding principles provide the framework for how Ricoh does business and promote ongoing development and the welfare of all stakeholders.

Through continued application of its management philosophy, Ricoh upholds its commitment to long-term social and environmental sustainability as well as its obligation to future generations.

Commitment to the Planet

Ricoh is dedicated to producing equipment that abides by its eco-friendly ideals since it has a sincere love for environmental sustainability. The following plan has been put in place to guarantee that Ricoh’s green ethos is upheld:

  1. Ricoh Conservation and Recycling

Ricoh reduces the quantity of components used and invests in alternative resources like plant-based plastics and biomass toner thanks to its lifetime design methodology. All gadgets are made to be more compact, lighter, and easier to use, and recycling and reusing are of course very necessary. Ricoh’s plants in Europe likewise established a zero-waste-to-landfill strategy in 2001, which means that all resources are completely recovered. Consumables like toner cartridges are transformed into things like equestrian equipment and garden planters at the end of their useful life.

  1. Energy Conservation

Electricity is produced using renewable energy sources like solar energy, and Ricoh continually updates its production procedures to maintain low-carbon manufacturing practises. Additionally, to increase chainwide distribution efficiency, CO2 emissions are closely monitored during the distribution stage.

  1. Pollution Prevention

The Restriction of Hazardous Compounds directive, which ensures that no electrical devices are placed onto the market if they contain six essential hazardous substances, has been adhered to by all Ricoh products. Six other chemicals that are not yet on the list have also been outlawed.

Ricoh also complies with REACH in addition to this (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). This indicates that every chemical utilised in the company is properly registered and thoroughly controlled.

The printing industry’s eco-friendly, highly skilled Ricoh manufacturer creates reasonably priced products that are perfect for both personal and professional usage.

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