Easy Solutions to Common Printer Problems

When it comes to configuring your printer to work within the set-up of your office, a few simple mistakes can spark several problems with both your machine and its capability to print high quality documents.

If you notice that your machine is starting to display signs of slow performance or the consumables you use no longer become effective, it could show an issue with either your printer, consumables or connections.

Bad Connections

Sometimes, your printer will not be able to print the files you send to is because the computer has failed to connect to a printing device.

There can many reasons why this error could occur, including that the USB cable connecting your two machines is faulty. If using a wireless printer, you may need to reconfigure your settings or install any of the necessary drivers required by your printer model.

Issues with Consumables

It’s not uncommon for the printer ink to become stuck within a printer if it is used heavily over a long period of time. This can lead to ink jams, which can show an error message on your printer’s display screen.

If you’re having issues with monitoring your printer ink and toner cartridges, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for where to find any messages to notify you with alerts on printer consumables.

Paused Queue

Printing jobs that get stuck in the printing queue can be a major source of frustration, especially when you have a line-up of files that need to be printed in a short space of time.

In order to solve and manage which files are in line to be printed, check your printer’s management software for any notifications that would indicate that your print job has been paused. Alternatively, check to see if your printer has accidentally been put in standby mode.

Page is Ejected Blank

A page that is ejected blank when you send items for printing can be a confusing issue to fix – especially if your machine is not displaying any kind of error.

To fix this issue, check the device and printers section in the Control Panel of your computer, and ensure that your printing preferences are properly configured.

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