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Benefits of Color Laser Printers

Any computer, whether it be for personal usage or business use, may benefit greatly from a printer. You will need to choose between an inkjet model and a laser printer when it comes time to purchase a colour printer. While inkjet printers are wonderful for printing photos, a colour laser printer has numerous advantages that make it a more economical and effective option.

  1. Ink Does Not Smear

Smudged ink makes printed materials seem amateurish. Color laser printers employ laser toner, which adheres to the paper via static electricity and is then heated to fuse it to the paper. Unlike documents produced by inkjet printers, there isn’t any wet ink that may smear if the paper becomes wet from sweating fingers or water drops. Because of this, the text and graphics printed on the paper will always be legible and distinct.

  1. Cost Per Page

Over time, the initial cost of laser printers has decreased dramatically, bringing them into price competition with many high-end inkjet printers. The new toner cartridges now account for the price difference. While colour laser printer toner cartridges are more expensive than colour inkjet printer ink cartridges in terms of cost per page, laser printer toner cartridges are far more cost-effective since they print much more pages than inkjet cartridges. An inkjet cartridge normally lasts a little over 150 pages, but a laser cartridge typically prints over 1500 pages. Exact figures vary.

  1. Large Print Jobs

Although they take a little while to warm up and get the fuser hot, laser printers print 50% quicker than inkjets once they are ready. There is no need to keep refilling the paper tray in the middle of a big volume print job because colour laser printers are quicker and also have larger paper trays. Laser printers are also less prone to jam and interfere with the printing process because they are designed for larger print jobs.

  1. Less Maintenance

To ensure precise print quality when an inkjet printer needs a new cartridge, the heads must be adjusted. The print heads require regular cleaning and alignment during the cartridge’s lifespan. When you combine these two factors with the potential for ink to dry up in the printer’s moving components, you have a printer that may need extensive maintenance. This is not necessary for laser printers. There is no additional labour involved in printing when toner cartridges are changed. Since toner is dry powder, it does not create the cleaning problems that ink does.

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