8 Advantages of Using an Office Copy Machine

8 Advantages of Using an Office Copy Machine

1) Increase Production

Did you know that the early copy machines could produce seven or eight pages per minute? With these sloth-like conventions, the first user-friendly Xerox 914 was a success. It increased book sales from 20 million to 14 billion copies per year. And it combusted at random with a 650-pound unit. Consider what a 50-page-per-minute copier machine could do now (the acceptable minimum speed for any office).

2) Reduce Expenses

There will be no more calls from a copy machine company seeking copies. Instead, you can save money by purchasing or renting your own office computer. In comparison, contemporary copiers have an energy-saving feature. Industrial printers used to consume between 300 and 500 watts of energy during printing, while newer ones use much less. Entrepreneurs that own multifunction copiers will also benefit from increased energy savings and lower paper costs.

3) Efficiency

A 50-page-per-minute machine is ideal for a small office. But what about a copier that can produce 130 pages per minute? As you may expect, this significantly improves performance. Copies can be made in minutes, and several printers include stapling and hole-punching capabilities. Say goodbye to spending countless hours sorting and stapling papers yourself.

4) Convenience

However, the best thing about a copier in an office is that it is always available, whether you or your workers require it. It is available at all times and can be customised to meet certain low-cost needs.

Employers can also restrict who uses it. As a result, it simplifies your life while also saving you time and money. You won’t have to stop by the shop to obtain copies or get at work an hour early to practise for a conference.

Instead, you can take your letter to the copier and have your papers ready in minutes. Multi-function copiers may also fax, copy, print, and upload documents all from a single device.

5) Ability to create other goodies

With the right copier, you can print brochures or business cards from the comfort of your own office. A copier allows you to create high-quality documents, from thank-you cards to thorough booklets, without the hassle of buying from third parties.

6) Increase Security

Allowing another company or other people to handle secret material is harmful. Another reason why an office copier is useful is this. Business owners can delegate the copying of sensitive material and maintain those documents in the company’s office. It reduces the possibility of leaks.

Furthermore, most manufacturing companies and suppliers offer security solutions such as encryption and overwriting to help with enterprise security. Today’s copying machines will verify workers’ identities, erase previous records, and do other things. With adequate attention and an IT member of staff, even automated copiers can reduce the likelihood of leakage and breaches.

7) Flexibility

New copiers provide a plethora of options. Multifunction copiers scan images, send documents, print wirelessly, fax data, and more. Staff and supervisors have the resources to carry out a variety of activities in a safe and effective manner. This adaptability also helps businesses flourish. It saves owners money on out-of-office expenses that can be done on the copier, fosters inventive activities in a variety of ways, boosts team morale, and boosts productivity.

8) Owner can rent or own

1) Avoids the problems associated with obsolescence in business printing.
2) Has cheap initial outlays.
3) Removes the complications of resale or disposal.

1) It is less expensive in the long run.
2) Allows firms to recoup any expenses incurred when the product is sold.
3) Allows firms to avoid lengthy repairs and disputes.

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