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5 Signs Your Old Copier Could Be Creating Security Vulnerabilities

1. On the print tray are jobs that need to protect data.
Consider bank statements, payroll information, or any other documents that HIPAA regulations require to be protected. End user carelessness is an extremely basic but significant information security issue. They print a paper, put it in the printer tray, and then completely forget about it.

An easily configured solution to this printer security issue is user authentication. Using department IDs or more effective print management techniques like uniFLOW, authentication can get rid of the backlog of print jobs on your copier.

2. There is no firmware update.
Similar to Apple’s IOS or a PC’s Windows, firmware is essentially your copier’s “operating system.” Similar to IOS, your copier’s firmware needs to be updated regularly if you want to feel secure.

Canon’s Unified Firmware Platform (UFP) enables Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE models to receive regular updates that include cutting-edge features, new functionality, and improved security measures, guaranteeing that each device is not only capable but also regularly updated.

3. Not all print jobs are encrypted.
Your print job faces the danger of being intercepted by a hacker while it is sent from your computer to the printer. It’s possible that older copiers are unable to support encrypted print jobs.

AES 256-bit encryption is used to safeguard the print job data while it is being transmitted across the network when utilising Encrypted Secured Print software, further enhancing security.

Information and photos stored on your device’s hard drive can be protected with both built-in and optional data protection technologies from Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices. By default, they save directory data separately and compress all data into a proprietary format that is written to arbitrary, noncontiguous spots on the hard disc. In order to comply with your security policy, you can also access a selection of regular and extended capabilities.

4. Years worth of unprotected data are on your hard drive.
There may be years’ worth of print data on the hard drive of your old printer or copier. If you eventually get rid of the printer, it might still be there or it might have been compromised.

Best practises and frequently company policy advise that systems be entirely deleted before being redeployed or when their useful life have expired. Every imageRUNNER ADVANCE device includes a standard capability called Hard Disk Drive Format that replaces all data on the hard disc with null data. This includes user-modified user mode settings, files, job logs, and address books.

5. You don’t keep an eye on print activities.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

You might not have thought about print management if you’ve had the same copiers parked in the corner for a while. Monitoring combined print and scan activity allows you to keep a closer watch on your overall print activity while also minimising high print expenditures.

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