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Searching the printer market as a managing director seeking for the ideal printer for your small business can be frightening and confusing. Since there is so much rivalry in the industry, it seems sense that each manufacturer would desire your business.


The first factor to consider when buying a printer is your chosen sector. If you own a small graphic design company, you should select a robust picture and graphic printer as well as potentially an outside printer for those larger prints. Similar to this, if your business is a small marketing firm and you need to produce reports for clients, you’ll probably require a small format printer/copier that prints and scans to fulfil your demands. You should also think about if you need a printer that can be utilized in a network. Sharing a printer in an office, especially one with a tiny workspace, might make sense. The distinction between wired and wireless should also be taken into account. According to tech radar, wired printers offer speed and robust function for a fixed office but wireless printers are hugely flexible and cheap to deploy but not fast.

Cost Per Page

It is worthwhile comparing the Cost per Page (CPP) of printers in order to determine how much money you will spend over the course of a printer’s lifetime. According to Tech Radars, manufacturers rate the toner or cartridge yields using an ISO scale, allowing customers to calculate the total cost of replacing all the cartridges or toner “divided by the print yield across all the conceivable models” in a secure manner. In order to make sure their selected printer is able to fulfil both current demands and, if feasible, future expectations should the business develop, managing directors should, if at all possible, assess the number of prints needed per employee. By investing in a printer that prints just in monochrome rather than color, you may further save costs. The cost of color cartridges is often higher than that of black and white cartridges, which might be an obvious barrier if color printing is ever required. There is a selection to fit your small business, ranging from straightforward monochrome laser printers to all-in-one multipurpose devices. Running through this guide and establishing a list of all the features you require from your new printer will help you make an informed selection when it comes time to make another purchase.

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