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4 Signals Your School Should Consider a Print Management Solution

1. Print expenses (and lost jobs) are rising.
An average student wastes 3,200 sheets of paper annually, according to PaperCut Print Management supplier PaperCut.

Teachers use grades as a tool to track student growth and overall performance. First, schools must see how the printing budget is being used in order to achieve cost control and waste reduction. Finding significant savings requires being able to monitor, evaluate, and chargeback all printing, copying, scanning, and faxing expenses on any enabled device.

Giving each group a bill and setting up cost centres according to their department, campus, or other criteria provides transparency and accountability.

2. Printing from “Anywhere” is really difficult.
Students in the modern classroom are always moving around and bringing their tablets and other mobile devices with them.

No matter where they are physically located, your users may use remote printing via smartphone or tablet to submit and release their print jobs in a controlled environment. Whatever preferred way your user uses to submit a work, it will show up in their own Secure Print queue, they will be tracked, and the charges will be applied properly.

3. Print drivers are shuttling you around the neighbourhood (and just driving you nuts).
Are your printer models dispersed among various campuses?

Problems with printers are already annoying. According to the International Data Corporation, printer-related issues account for 23% of all IT help desk calls. Add to it the IT Administrator frantically hopping from campus to campus to keep track of

Imagine a district-wide single system, single set of regulations, and a single universal print driver using Universal Driver Management-enabled Print Management. It’s that easy.

4. Security and compliance issues are on the horizon.
Costly repercussions can result from inadequate information security. First of all, the price is high. The average total cost of a data breach in education is $4.77 million, according to a 2019 Ponemon survey. Second, as schools continue to move to online instruction and assessment and store more personally identifiable data, they become increasingly vulnerable (PII). A company’s security plan may be weakened by printers and printed materials. 96% of districts still utilise local copiers, and only around half have district print centres, according to an e.Republic poll. An workplace or school’s print, scan, fax, and share activities are all coordinated by a print management solution, including access control, document security, data protection, and network security.

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