4 reasons why you need a Ricoh Multifunction Printer (MFP)

4 reasons why you need a Ricoh Multifunction Printer (MFP)

Are you aware that your existing printer, copier, scanner, or fax machine may not be the most cost-effective or efficient in terms of daily workflow?

Having a separate or dedicated copier, printer, scanner, and fax device will incur additional maintenance costs, not to mention taking up more room in your business.

To increase productivity, boost efficiency, and save money, businesses should invest in an all-in-one solution such as the Ricoh Multifunction Printer (MFP).

Workflow in your business and printing expenses can be optimised with Ricoh MFP’s document management software for improved work efficiency and cost control.

Increase Productivity & Efficient Workflow

Print, copy, scan, and fax operations may be simplified for any size organisation thanks to the Ricoh MFP’s user-friendly Smart Operation Panel. With its creative user interface, new employees in the workplace may quickly learn how to operate the Ricoh MFP.

Scanning a stack of sheets from the document feeder, duplex printing and scanning, scanning to folder or email, mobile printing or scanning, hole punch, stapling, and collate are all features that may be adjusted to increase efficiency and productivity for every individual in the organisation.

Monitor & Control Cost

Most MFPs nowadays can track printing usage across all users and devices, providing visibility to management or other relevant staff.

Ricoh Card Authentication Package adds a layer of security protocol – a barrier for your staff to overcome prior to document printing. This helps to reduce waste from uncollected printing and wasteful print jobs.

Save Space

Instead of having to find space for multiple separate devices, Ricoh MFP requires only one device to handle all of your printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Furthermore, with work-from-home becoming the norm, many firms are searching for ways to decrease or optimise office space. As a result, an all-in-one MFP is useful for completely utilising workplace space.

Reduce Maintenance Expenses

Even if the initial purchase price of an MFP exceeds the cost of owning a standard printer, businesses might explore a rental or rent-to-own arrangement that does not require a large upfront investment to reap the benefits of utilising an MFP.

Maintaining a single MFP is likely to be less expensive than maintaining many devices, because all service, repair, and consumables (such as toners) are handled by a single vendor, such as Bizcopier.

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