8 Benefit of an Office Copy Machine

1) Increase Production

Knew the first copy machines that were printed at a staggering seven or eight pages a minute? The first user-friendly Xerox 914 was a success, and with these sloth-like norms. It raised book copies to 14 billion from 20 million a year. And it was with a 650-pound unit it combusted randomly. Imagine what a copier machine could do today at 50 pages per minute (the acceptable minimum speed for any office).


2) Reduce Expenses

No more calls from a copy machine shop for duplicates. You can save money by owning or renting your own office computer, instead. In comparison, newer copiers come with the energy-saving benefit. Whereas industrial printers once drew between 300 and 500 watts of energy during printing, modern models considerably reduce this use. Entrepreneurs with multifunction copiers will also enjoy greater energy savings and reduced paper prices.


3) Efficiency

For a small workplace, a 50 page-per-minute machine is perfect. How about a copier delivering 130 pages per minute, though? As you can imagine, that incredibly boosts performance. Within minutes, the copies can be prepared and several printers also come with options for stapling and hole-punch. Say farewell to long hours sorting and stapling papers yourself.


4) Convenience

Then again the greatest part about a copier within an office is that whether you or your staff ’s needed, it is always there. It is available whatever the time and can be configured to fulfil unique reduced cost specifications by custom.

Employers can also control who’s using it. So, it also makes your life much easier, in addition to saving you time and money. In order to practice for a conference, you won’t have to stop by the shop to pick up copies or get to work an hour early.

You may submit your letter to the copier instead, and ready your papers in minutes. Multi-function copiers also allow a single user to fax, copy, print and upload documents.


5) Ability to create other goodies

You can do such as brochures or business card all from the convenience of your office with the proper copier. A copier allows the freedom to produce quality records, from thank-you cards to detailed booklets, without the inconvenience of ordering from third parties.


6) Increase Security

When you handle material that is confidential, it is dangerous to allow another company or other people to handle it. Another factor a copier from the office comes in handy is this. Business owners can assign people to copy sensitive information and can keep those documents in the office of the company. It decreases the likelihood of leaks.

In addition, most manufacturing firms and suppliers provide security technologies, such as encryption and overwriting to assist in security of the business. Copying machines today will claim identity of workers, erase past records and more. Even automated copiers mitigate the possibility of leakage and breaches with sufficient care and an IT member of staff.


7) Flexibility

New copiers offer a huge array of possibilities. Multi-function copiers scan images, mailing documents, wireless printing, fax information, and more. Staff and managers also have the resources to carry out a range of activities safely and effectively. This versatility also facilitates business growth. It helps owners to spend less money on out-of-home expenses that can be done on the copier, promotes innovative activities in a number of ways, increases team morale and enhances productivity.


8) Owner can rent or own


1) Avoids obsolescence challenges with businesses printing.

2) Has low upfront expenditures

3) Eliminates hassles of resale or disposal


1) It’s less costly on long run.

2) Allows businesses to recover any expenses when it is sold

3) Enables corporations to prevent long repair works and negotiations

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